The T-Slot Block is a workholding product*that makes your precision machining jobs faster and easier.
The T-Slot Block is a versatile system for workholding having many important features and advantages, such as industry
standard T-Slots, and threaded holes for corresponding T-Nut studs or bolts. T-Slots and threaded holes are designed into each
T-Slot Block. This allows the user to employ existing in-house T-Slot tooling, such as T-Nuts, Studs, Clamps, Straps, etc.
The T-Slot Blocks are modular in nature, and can be used as dedicated fixture plates, or dedicated setup stations.
But the uses don’t end there. The T-Slot Block aids the placement of T-Nuts or studs or bolts
anywhere they are needed on your machine table.
The T-Slot Blocks offer numerous clamping possibilities and strategies for whatever job you have

T-Slot Blocks are easy to mount. Tabs on the T-Slot Block mount directly to mill table.
T-Slot Blocks mounted to mill table. A simple way to easily hold large parts, or complex parts, inexpensively.          
Put workholding where you need it. No mater what kind of workholding your job requires, make the most of your available mill work space. High density workholding, large part workholding, or unusual workholding, is not a problem with T-Slot Blocks.
That T-Nut or bolt just can't be placed in the right position to hold that workpiece ? Not enough locations or areas to attach clamps ? Are straps, clamps hard to position for workpieces ? Why not give T-Slot Blocks those hard to handle workpieces, and see how much a difference these can make. Even just a couple of T-Slot Blocks can make a world of difference.
Installing T-Slot Blocks is quick and easy. Slide a T-Nut into the mill tables T-Slot. Place a T-Slot Block with the tabs inserted into the mill tables T-Slot. Position T-Nut under mounting hole of the T-Slot Block. Put bolt into mounting hole of T-Slot Block. Thread bolt into T-Nut, tighten down. T-Slot Block is ready for workholding.        

Mounting components toThe T-Slot Block is easy. Components can be bolted directly to the T-Slot Block. Or components can be bolted by using T-Nuts inside the T-Slot Block.